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Podcasts & Social Media

March 2024

In the first interview of Redressing Fashion, Laura interviews Faith Cooper about her research on Asian fashion and her work behind the digital project, Asian Fashion Archive. They talk about cultural identity in fashion, some of Faith’s favorite aspects about Asian fashion, and how to redress fashion from Asian perspectives. (LISTEN HERE)

June 2022

Faith Cooper is back to discuss her work on the Asian Fashion Archive, her digital resource project that is committed to highlighting Asian fashion, culture, and history. (LISTEN HERE)

June 2022

Faith Cooper joins Dressed to illuminate the life of model and jewelry designer Tina Chow, one of fashion history's great style icons. (LISTEN HERE)

November 2021

Kimberly Jenkins and Faith Cooper, Founder of the Asian Fashion Archive, dive into what it takes to build and sustain an online digital humanities project that expands the narrative of fashion history. FRD's Saturday Coffee Chats aim to demystify the behind-the-scenes process of what it takes to challenge dominant narratives in fashion, as well as have discussions about why Fashion and Race are critical to the work we do and the world around us. (WATCH HERE)

July 2020

Faith Cooper, co-curator of Eleanor Lambert: Empress of Seventh Avenue, presents a video walk-through of the exhibition highlighting Lambert's extensive career. (WATCH HERE)

Conferences & Symposia

"The Layers of Taiwanese Identity in Fashion" 

Global Taiwan: Through the Perspective of Fashion Cultures, FJCU

June 2024

Held at Fu Jen Catholic University, the "Global Taiwan: Through the Perspective of Fashion Cultures," conference transcends borders and elucidates the rich cultural tapestry of Taiwan in the realm of global fashion.

"Asian Fashion Archive" 

Archiving Fashion Conference: Mapping Fashion Collections, FIT

November 2023

The "Archiving Fashion Conference: Mapping Fashion Collections" at the Fashion Institute of Technology features scholars to discuss the present and future of archiving fashion, textiles, and related material. (WATCH HERE)

"A Fashionable Fetish: Examining the Qipao in the Eyes of the West"

The Sartorial Society Series

February 2021

Presentation for The Sartorial Society Series, a digital seminar program, which aims to showcase the most exciting and innovative research in the historical study of dress, fashion, and bodily adornment

"Exhibitionism: The Fashion Museum as an Educational Resource"

Digital Multilogue on Fashion Education International Conference

September 2020

"Mao Mania: The Fashionable Fantasy of the Cultural Revolution"

SUNY's New York Conference on Asian Studies

October 2019

Conference presentation at SUNY's 2019 New York Conference on Asian Studies: Movement

"Mao Mania: The Fashionable Fantasy of the Cultural Revolution"

Drexel University

May 2019

Paper Presentation at Drexel University Pennoni Honors College's 2019 Fashion, Style & Popular Culture Conference

"Punks of the 1970s: Creating an Image and Identity"

Fashion Institute of Technology

May 2019

Paper presentation at FIT's Fashion and Textile Studies Research Symposium: Clothing as Craft: People, Process, Product

"Mao Mania: The Fashionable Fantasy of the Cultural Revolution"

Pop Culture Association

April 2019

Paper presentation at the 2019 Pop Culture Association Conference in Washington, DC

"Céleste Mogador: The Fashionable Rise of the Demimonde"

 Costume Society of America

October 2018

Paper presentation at the 2018 Costume Society of America Southeastern Region & Mid-Atlantic Joint Symposium: Costume Across the Curriculum & Into the Community
*Awarded Jim Liles Award

"Healing Tina: Exploring the Power of Tina Chow’s Jewelry"

Costume Society of America

September 2018

Paper presented at the 2018 Costume Society of America Midwest Regional Symposium: Fashion From Head to Toe

*Awarded Student Travel Award

"How to Get Them Through the Door: Reaching College Students in a College Museum Setting"

NYC Museum Educators Roundtable

May 2016

Presentation at the 2016 NYC Museum Educators Roundtable Annual Conference: Intersections

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